Art of the Firebird

the Internet presence of Julia Benson-Slaughter, maker, retired computer science professor, lover of cats & most other animals, drummer, dancer, writer.

If you ended up here looking for, my work website, it is no longer active. I retired from teaching computer science on January 1, 2017, and no longer have time for or interest in maintaining it. If you are looking for a specific resource, contact me via email and I can see if I can locate it and email it to you.

Don’t Ever Call Me A SJW: Words Matter

The backstory is here. Standard Language & Vernacular (Note: I’m not a linguist in any way, shape, or form, so these are my thoughts based on my observations alone. Those of you with academic training in this area may disagree; if so, feel free to discuss it politely.) Words are a means of communication. They …

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Don’t Ever Call Me A SJW: The Backstory

Last night I came to the support of a friend (let’s refer to her as TJ) who had posted in one of the local liberal Facebook groups. She was just trying to let off a little steam after leaving a different group with a similar orientation, after other members of that group had called her …

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Silence and the Drum

I discovered something at last weekend’s monthly drum circle. I attend on a semi-regular basis because I enjoy getting out and drumming in a non-performance group setting, plus a friend runs it and I like to support my friends. Usually the focus is on raising and channeling energy with the drumming, That works well as …

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Islamic Bogeyman, Redneck Reality

Last weekend on Twitter, I responded to Ibrahim Moustafa (@Ibrahim_M_), and then kept on thinking about the exchange. It’s absolutely true. During my teaching career, I had many, many students from not only the seven countries affected by the executive order banning entry to the U.S., I had students from other majority-Muslim countries not affected …

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