Failed goal

Mood: pensive.
Well, I didn’t meet my ArtByTheInch goal, not by quite a bit. I was still almost 400 inches short as of last night. I really think that if my computer hadn’t crashed, I’d have made it. But noooo, I lost almost two weeks getting it rebuilt and reinstalling all my software.

I actually started several more pieces during the month, but they are in various stages of incompletion:

* a second spread in Ann-Marie’s RR AB, which I’ll get finished up tomorrow so I can mail it Friday
* a set of tags using clippings from the holiday cup holders from Caribou
* the Weeping Woman ATCs that I’ve been working on for a while, I just can’t seem to get them done
* the beeswax tip-ins for Fran’s RR AB, since I just couldn’t manage the beeswax in the book itself (and after seeing Lorraine’s embarassingly ghastly results in Ann-Marie’s book, I am soooo glad I didn’t try. GAD!)

It’s a shame that cleaning up and organizing my studio doesn’t count! I got the additional iris cart and set it by my work table, with all my glazes and big tall bottles of stuff in the bottom deep drawer. My tools are in one shallow drawer, and I guess I’ll put current project stuff in the top drawer. It is so NICE to be able to get in the studio and actually work, though I still am working in the living room in the evenings while we watch TV together. That way we can snuggle and spend time together while I still Make Art.

I think what I just might do is make this ArtByTheInch thing an ongoing personal goal. Plan to do, and work up to, 1000 inches a month. Then up it to 1500, then 2000, and so on.

I still am undecided about going back to school in January. I really need to email Junco and make an appointment. If she doesn’t think my current work is in keeping with the school and program’s directions and philosophies, then I may not ever go back. OTOH, I may continue to take a few classes to fill in some gaps in my background, without actually going for the textile degree. Who knows. Getting a M.F.A. is not something I NEED to do, it is something I’d do for myself. As such, it may not be the best route to get me where I want to be. Actually, for me, it’s the process, not the end product, that drives me.