Maybe I AM doing something right???

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When one of my students was talking to me this afternoon, she told me about a conversation she’d had recently with another former student. Both of them are computer science majors, and both have had me for classes. Anne said that Angie had told her that if she didn’t want to work so hard in the second programming course, she should take it with our other CS professor. But Anne’s question, then, was would she learn as much? Angie had to admit that no, she wouldn’t learn as much if she took CSCI 1302 with Cilla instead of me. So Anne said she was going to stick with her original plan and wait until I teach CSCI 1302 again next fall — she’d rather work her ass off and really, really learn it since her whole career depends on what she learns in her CS and IT classes.


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    • Julia on July 4, 2005 at 9:54 pm

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    2004-12-01 16:46

    Trust me, you’re doing something right. Not only the work load, but you’re great at your lecturing. Truly an inspiration.

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