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Hooray, I finished up and mailed Ann-Marie’s book today. I had to struggle to get my two spreads photographed and to glue down the stuff on my second spread thanks to Lorraine’s crappy work. Then I got to struggle to get the book into its box and packed properly :-(. I hope that if anything gets crushed, it’s Lorraine’s spread, but I fear not.

I was VERY VERY happy with my results on those two spreads. I think they may be the best ones I’ve done for this round robin so far.

Herb got flambeed on the big AB list yesterday for letting us know that she’s dropped off of most of her lists and out of her two round robins. Before the mods ordered the discussion taken off-list, a couple of people (Lisa Vollrath among them) just roasted her in a very self-righteous, holier-than-thou way for dropping her RRs, spewing all sorts of verbiage about committments and such. Well, WE don’t know what has happened to make Herb make this choice, and it’s her right not to tell us (and with that kind of roasting I don’t blame her). I was quite disturbed to see the vituperative snarkiness so publicly stated (goddess knows what Herb got privately!). Fortunately, a couple of others jumped right in, one telling people to GET OFF HERB’S CASE, and another, who was in one of Herb’s RR groups, saying that okay, she won’t have a couple of pages done in her book when it returns, SO WHAT????

Me, I kept my mouth shut publicly, since Aileen and Corrine had requested. But I sent an email to Herb with hugs and support, and attagirl emails to the two gals who supported her in the group. Besides, I have a lot of sympathy for that sort of thing — I’m sure most of my ABTechRR group hates me because I’m chronically late in mailing. Tough shit, life is too short to get all worked up over stuff that in the long run isn’t really that important.

And I decided that I will never, ever, no way in hell, come what may, participate in any group project that Lisa hosts. The woman is just too friggin’ anal-retentive!

Interestingly enough, Herb posted the same message on ABC-AB and all she got was glad you’re alive and okay, to hell with round robins, your sanity is more important. What a difference in group dynamics (no wonder I am chattiest on ABC-AB, eh?).

So let’s see, for the month of December we have the second spread in Ann-Marie’s book so far, that makes:

126 inches so far for the month.

AND, since I spent 45 minutes last night cleaning up the crap-pile on the office floor, that’s one more bit of cleaning dealt with.

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    • Julia on July 4, 2005 at 9:49 pm

    Copied from LiveJournal:
    2005-02-06 13:27

    Geeze i wish the crappy artist wasn’t a Lorraine. Thats my name and i hope nobody thinks its me!!! cuz it aint me!!!! I’m a really great artist!!!! Its some other Lorraine ok.

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