Short Arty Road Trip

Yesterday Cindy and I trekked across the north side of Hotlanta to the wilds of Gwinnett County today to help boost the local economy :-D. After we finally found each other at the Barnes & Noble in Alpharetta (we agreed to meet there, but not WHERE to meet there…oops!) we took the back way through Duluth to Discover Mills. First stop was the Plaid Outlet. I’ve been there before, but Cindy had never been. She was happier than a pig in slop! There were indeed some of the big bottles of Plaid Glaze Vernis in the back room (the batch-end paint from all their lines that they have to keep until all of a particular batch is sold, then they put it in pint bottles and sell it at the outlet for a dollar). Cindy took most of them, and I took the bottle of Russet. They also had 8 oz. jars of Pompeii Red (and I do mean RED) for $2 so we each got one. They had Cretacolor pastel pencils in a plastic envelope, a set of 24 for $2 — I figured I could use a set of pastel pencils in the office for THAT price!! Fifteen cent foam stamps, stencil brushes, small bottles of glaze paint for cheap…..anyway, I came out with one shopping bag full and Cindy with two, and neither of us much lighter in the wallet.

After grabbing lunch at the food court, we moseyed to the other end of the mall to Books-A-Million. It seems that Cindy is as bad about bookstores as I am ::ggg::. Neither of us left there empty-handed — I found a half-price copy of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “Priestess of Avalon,” a BH&G magazine on storage (HAHAHA!!!), and a book on crazy quilting and fabric collage by Judith Baker Montano. If I remember correctly, Cindy got the other copy they had of that book. Cindy also found the calendar she wanted around the corner, yippee!

We left there and headed up the highway about 10 miles to Mall of Georgia. We did NOT go in the mall; we went to the two scrapbook stores there (Crop Stop and Archivers). We both thoroughly scrounged their clearance areas for anything good. Between the two places I found a few sheets of clearance paper, two sheets of vellum scrapbook paper that were so utterly cool that I didn’t mind paying full price (cheapskate that I am), a pack of typewriter key beads (???), some odds and ends, redeemed my coupon for five free sheets of cardstock at Archivers, and decided to treat myself and buy two of the VersaMagic chalk ink pads (I LOVE those things) in light brown and dark brown.

Once we finished up there, we headed across the top end and back for me to pick up my car, since the afternoon was nearly gone. We’re obviously going to have to make another road trip across town sometime since there’s places we didn’t get to (Angel Art Rubber Stamps in Lawrenceville is closed this week, for one, drat it).

Anyway, we had a great time and we both came back home lighter of wallet, heavier of stash, and re-inspired by a day of gabbing and sharing ideas!