Oh, no! I’ve been voted off the island! HORRORS!!!

Looks like some of my comments in my December entry offended. I’ve been kicked out of one of the Yahoo! groups, ostensibly for failing to complete a swap by the end of January, but I suspect that was not the REAL reason. Oh, gosh, I think I’m supposed to be all upset and heartbroken. Let’s see, hmmmmm……nope!! Her group, her right! Plus she actually did me a favor by booting me, since that particular group, as well as another she moderates, were at the top of my list to drop the next time I cleaned up my list memberships. As far as I was concerned, both groups were a lot of noise and not much substance, so I went ahead and left the other one as well. Now my inbox will be a little more static-free, yippee!

As far as that swap went, I bundled up the GTCs I received and sent them on to the people who were supposed to receive mine. I expect they will enjoy the GTCs much more than I, because I wasn’t that impressed. One set wasn’t bad, but the second set showed no sense of composition principles at all. They were just a mish-mash.

This whole episode brings up a point. I WILL say what I wish in my journal. I WILL express opinions. They are my opinions, and frankly are probably not worth the electrons they are transmitted on to anyone but me. No one’s being forced to read my LiveJournal, and if they choose to read it they take the risk of not liking what they read. So if you’re still reading, remember, you read at your own risk.

Heaven knows I have LOTS of experience being regarded as a bitch for my opinions and my way of doing things, and I’m quite accustomed to being disliked. A lot of that is due to not being willing, at my age, to take a whole lot of crap. From anyone.

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    • Julia on July 2, 2005 at 12:02 am

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    2005-02-08 00:40
    OH NOES!!!1eleventyone!!! People think Frostfire’s MEAN! They’re going to take their toys and go home!

    If they don’t like what they read they are fully free to NOT look you up to see what you’ve said. And if they do go to all the trouble to read it, they have no right to complain. STFU.

    Nuff said.

    BS in Moderation

    2005-02-08 13:47
    ha! i know of what you speak. i left the group you’re referring to awhile back, plus another of her groups. long story short, she kept me on moderated status for months after i’d joined. most of my posts were not getting through (funny, that doesn’t happen in any of the other 20ish groups i belong to). when she handed down the ultimatum that “thou shalt post or i’ll smite ye,” i mentioned that i might find that a bit difficult, being as my posts were being nuked by her. funnily enough, that post didn’t make it through, either. to this day, i can’t figure out why. yeah, she harps on about not liking “unpositive” comments, but to the best of my knowledge, i never posted anything unpositive to that group.

    the final straw was her posting one of my collages on the group home page, credited to someone else. i e-mailed her directly to inform her of the mistake. i never heard back from her, but later that day my collage was replaced by someone else’s. normally, it wouldn’t be a biggie. that sort of thing has happened in most of the groups i’m in. the moderator says oops, gives the correct credit, and moves on. hmmm.

    the whole thng left a really bad taste in my mouth. between the moderator’s weirdness and the sudden influx of umpty gibbering posts, i just threw up my hands. i won’t even mention what i thought of the whole “monkey” thing. lordy!

    (oh, and i noticed, when i recently referred someone to that group, that the message archive is now private. nice.)

    shelly (a normally quiet oddkin)

    Re: BS in Moderation

    2005-02-08 18:08
    Ah, so it is not just me. Funny how I’m not surprised. Have you ever read the stuff on her website? Talk about unpositive….she’s a darn good artist, but *I* could take bitchiness lessons from her.

    The monkey thing? Excuse me, I have to go hork a hairball…. ::gackawwkraspkoffptui!!!:: Whew!

    I say we wander back to our Odd corner of the cyberworld, where we are comfortable. And I’m going to remember to tell OddModMim how MUCH I appreciate her!!!

    2005-02-16 08:17

    Hmmm, I do believe I just joined the groups of which you speak, and um, so far, I recognise a whole lot of names on there that I have vowed to avoid from other groups.

    We’re all on a learning curve right? But some people just never seem to grow at all, just keep churning out the same old crap.

    Jayne (the Aussie newbie on ‘OddArts’)

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