Just Updating

Not much going on. My class is working on labs. Some of them actually seem to be on track with their work, thank goodness.

Art Night at the ‘Bou Friday was fun even though it was just Colleen and me this week. I did a little more work on my tip-ins, and started working on a new book. I’m calling it “Dancing Moon,” since the original title was “Dancing at the Harvest Moon.” I guess that is really my first independent AB, since the others have been RR or class projects, or my random technique book. Actually, it’s kind of exciting — I can’t wait to see where it goes. Projects like that tend to take on a life of their own in the end.

I also got Tara’s RR book out, finally, ugh, and have already started on Sarah’s. One more book after hers, and I’m DONE DONE DONE with that RR. Sarah’s book is going to be a really big PITA too. It was skinny to start with, there’s not much unworked space in it, and this is Niche Month. Plus where there is space, well, it seems that she cut out the corners of a lot of pages before sending the book out because she wanted to keep the quotes in the corners of those pages. I can’t blame her, but it’s going to make my task VERY difficult. Some of those ripped corners extend halfway down the page, and that doesn’t leave a lot of room. I may either take out a block of pages and do the niche as a tip-in, or sculpt the corner of the block of pages so that it is even (and can therefore be glued together properly) and THEN do the niche. I have a capiz shell for the niche that is not at all thick and will look very nice in there, if I can just get it to work. I really want to get this sucker out ASAP, get a little breather before Debbie’s book gets here, then whip through Debbie’s book and get DONE.

Yeah, right now I’m not thrilled with RRs.

I found it funny when I noticed on Friday that LisaV has not only banned me from the two groups I planned to leave anyway, she booted me from her announcement-only list where she promotes herself and the stuff she does for her work. Tsk tsk. Not exactly the best of business decisions IMO — booting a potential customer off what’s really a business-oriented list. Not my problem, though!

Three weeks until Spring Break. I will be ready. I am ready to go home now — class is over, it’s Valentine’s Day, and the love of my life is waiting for me 🙂 .