It’s “first Friday” so it’s Art Night at the ‘Bou. Last Art Night I was the only one there, so I sent an email to see if anyone else was going to be there. Otherwise I was going to stay home and torch! But Beeskneez said she’d come if I’d come, so we met there.

I took my beads to show her. Made me feel good — B was gaga over all of them, even the wonkies and the split-in-halfs. Since she was dying to see how it’s done, and it was just us, we packed up and came over to my place. I pulled the glass tools out, and we and the Ninja cat went outside. The MAPP tank was starting to get low, so I just made one bead and a couple of twistie-flopsties. It WAS a pretty good bead, even if it felt like it took for-freakin’-ever to make. Darn it, I want to get my Piranha and get it set up!

Once I get the bead off the mandrel and get it annealed, I’m definitely going to give it to Beeskneez.