A Little Late-Evening Excitement

Tonight we were comfortably ensconced on the bed reading. Just before ten, we started to hear voices outside. Shortly after, a large Something drove past, stopped, and backed up. We looked out to find a FIRE ENGINE parked outside our front door :-O!

We didn’t smell smoke or anything, but naturally we wanted to know what gave. Gary headed down the street, while I stood outside the front door for a few minutes, then walked down and around to the back of the building across the street. I found a second fire truck parked in the alley there, but no people. Then a woman in a nightgown, dragging three West Highland Terriers on leashes (poor thing) came around from the condo where the problem apparently was.

Nancy, as it turned out, lived in that condo. A valve on her toilet had literally exploded and there was water everywhere — four inches, at least, on the floor and more spewing out by the minute. Not only that, no one could figure out where the water cutoff for that building was! She was taking the dogs to Georgina’s to get them out of the way, and as one got away from her I grabbed its leash and started dragging it along.

At Georgina’s, Carla from next door was there in HER bathrobe, and Gary came up just as Nancy and I arrived. We got the three wet and grubby Westies into Georgina’s downstairs bedroom/bathroom; Nancy reached Hilary (the condo association president) to find out where the water cutoff was; Georgina’s little Buttons started going nutso with the three invaders.

Things settled down shortly after. The water was turned off; Nancy started drying out her place; we chatted for a bit with Georgina and then left her to settle back down.

Just another Saturday night at The Villas, LOL.