Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is our very first wedding anniversary. Originally we had thought about going to DH’s family’s reunion in Opelika, but last week we thought better of it. Who really wants to spend their VERY FIRST anniversary with a bunch of relatives/in-laws, most of whom you don’t know and they don’t know you?

So instead we went out last night to Outback Steakhouse (prime rib for both of us, sharing a Chocolate whatever-the-heck-the-cake-dessert-is since the brownies for the Thunder Down Under burned or something). The real observance was today, of course. We brunched at 57th Fighter Group, where we had celebrated the first anniversary of the day we met, eleven months ago. Yummmmm. DH slipped what I thought was a card onto the table, but it was a very sentimental handwritten letter. Aha, so that’s why he needed to borrow my dragonfly stamps :-). When we finished eating, we headed back towards home, but went to the ‘Bou to read the Sunday paper as we usually do. Only we sure didn’t need our sticky bun and Danish, not after THAT meal! (note: It’s nearly eleven p.m. and I’m STILL not really hungry after that meal!)

No huge hoopla, no raucousness, just a quiet celebration of mid-life love and happiness :D.