We’ve spent the last week changing stuff around at home. Basically, we decided that I couldn’t really get my lampworking stuff set up in my current studio, plus it was a total disaster and the space wasn’t being well-used. So we have opted to make what was the studio (the larger of the two back bedrooms) our office/den and also put the workout equipment in there where we can easily pull it out and use it. Right now the weight bench is under our bed, and the TotalGym is in the closet. They are both a MAJOR PITA to pull out, so we tend not to use them. Bad, bad, bad!

The smaller bedroom is becoming my studio, since there’s a window to use for outward ventilation plus the sliding door to open for incoming fresh air. Yes, it’s rather smaller. But we’re making it work nicely! I have a torching/kiln station in one corner, a weaving station with my Baby Wolf in another, and a general crafts/paper stuff station in a third, plus all my Skandia shelving with supplies on them against two walls. It’s cozy but it looks like it’s going to work.

I’ll post pictures once it’s done — we still have to cover the torching bench with metal (or maybe tile), set up ventilation, and get a workstool, plus put the other stuff in place. But it’s nearly there….I can’t WAIT to get to my new torch!!!