It happens in this country, too…

We watched PrimeTime the other night, as John Quiñones did another story about the fundamentalist Mormon sect on the Arizona/Utah border. Very disturbing, especially in light of this not being the first broadcast story on the subject. It seems to be more and more in the news of late. Even People magazine recently had a story on the “Lost Boys” expelled from the group, males as young as thirteen cast out from their homes and families, ostensibly for misbehavior but in reality to remove them as competition for the girl-children brides of the group.

There is far more information about the Colorado City/Hildale polygamists, as well as the other groups in Centennial Park, Arizona, Bountiful, British Columbia, Pinesdale, Montana, and the new compound being built near Eldorado, Texas, than I expected as I Googled over the last couple of days. Rick Ross’s web site is an excellent starting point if you want to know yourself what’s involved.

The more I read, the more nauseated I felt. It’s not the polygamy per se that sickens me. What consenting adults do is their own business.

It’s the demeaning treatment of women as chattel, the brainwashing and abuse of both male and female children, the control imposed by religious leaders’ promises of reward in the afterlife for suffering in this one, the total disregard for the humanity of “unbelievers”. These are the very things for which we want to condemn Islamic fundamentalists today…yet they are occurring as I write, in my very own country.

What’s even worse is these things are apparently going on with the passive collusion, at the very least, of government — even those branches whose purported purpose is to protect the very individuals being abused, the children! Sadly, I’m not surprised. I had guessed it had to be occuring. Yet another reason for my dislike and distrust of government, another instance of power corrupting.

Fortunately the media attention over the last few years seems to be slowly creating change. Slowly, and too late for too many innocents.

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