Time for a little break!!!

Woohoo!!! My summer term grades are turned in (in my usual slap-dash way) so I have until the 15th to relax and enjoy myself. However, the very first thing I did when I got home from turning in those grades was, yes, take a nap, LOL. I didn’t even really NEED the nap; I just flopped down on the bed to read a bit and dropped right off. Zzzzzzzzzzzz……

The studio is almost ready to rock and roll, just in time. All that is left is the ventilation, which requires a mounting system for the fan and a place to feed the duct hose and kiln power cord out and the propane line in. I need to put a few things into their final homes, but that will be a process as I figure out where things best can go.

Yesterday’s Dr. Phil was a repeat, about the two Fawns who fled the Colorado City group at 16. They’ve apparently had a tough time adjusting to the outside world, needless to say. Based on the followup show , they seem to be making it, though. I give thanks that these two have escaped the abuse, and continue to think of the others still stuck there.