“Must Love Dogs”

We went to see “Must Love Dogs” today. DH thought I’d enjoy it and he was right, though I don’t know whether I laughed more or cried more. I could sooooooo relate to Sarah’s predicament and experiences. Thank Goddess MY family never staged a “dating intervention” like hers did — I don’t think I could have responded nearly as politely ::snrk::.

As far as I am concerned, the movie was pretty spot-on in describing the world of Internet dating through the eyes of someone determined to be her own person. Certainly it was dead-on in its, ah, variety of the toads out there!

Diane Lane was a very good choice for Sarah — she looked realistic, not like a glamour girl, hallelujah. Stockard Channing was GREAT!!! I’ve always liked her. And, of course, the dogs were wonderful, as dogs should be, especially the one(s) playing Mother Teresa :-).