HOT coffee and oafs

Today’s horoscope:

Keep the cover on the grill. Pleasurable events you have looked forward to could lack a certain enchantment or be spoiled by a lack of energy. Harmony is restored late this evening.

We got a later start than DH intended this morning, though when we arrived at the ‘Bou the sofa was free despite the parking lot overflowing. I was sitting there on the sofa minding my own business, reading the paper, deeply engrossed in a story in the front section, with my empty pastry plate (the new pastries are unimpressive) and my still-full, still-hot coffee on the arm of the sofa. The coffee and plate were on the arm of the sofa because the coffee table was in use.

The chair at my end of the table was occupied by some non-regular-customer male who had a box of bagels on the end table by the chair, newspaper parts and his coffee on the table, and seemed to not be paying a whole lot of attention to his surroundings. I had moved my coffee because I had a hunch that if I didn’t, it was going to end up on the floor thanks to him.

Well, I was ALMOST right.

He got up to leave, started to walk past my end of the sofa, and knocked my STILL-HOT coffee into my lap. Be proud of me. I didn’t curse…mostly because I was too stunned by the soaking and the hot against the body. The coffee went all over my (off-white) crop pants, splashed up my shirt to the boob line, soaked into the cushion beside and under me, and minimally onto the floor. Yeah, he apologized, got napkins, got a towel from Erk and the guys, but nothing was going to help. My ‘Bou Sunday morning was flooded out :-(.

DH got me a coffee refill, gathered up the paper (after I found a second Living section), took me home, Shout-ed my drenched clothes, and threw them in the wash. I crawled back into bed, with coffee and paper, and sulked until I calmed down. I think the pants are saved thanks to his quick action, which is good because they are one of my favorite pairs of crops. Thank you, honey.

Does getting soaked by hot coffee count as “lacking a certain enchantment” or “a lack of energy”?