There I was this afternoon, having just bid my drop-by son farewell (he came by to use my printer since his is dead), contemplating hooking up a propane tank and starting to melt glass. Out of nowhere, DH said “let’s go back down to IKEA; I want to get that wardrobe system.”


So another Swedish lunch (meatballs & potatoes & apple cake this time) and another prowl. This time we had to contend with too many ideas and an idiot or two getting in the way. One woman was looking at the same system as us, with the help of an employee, and just didn’t GET it, very abrasively and loudly. READ THE FREAKIN’ TAGS, LADY!!! Grrrrr.

Once we finally figured out what to get, reserved it, and paid for it, we waited almost 45 minutes for it to be pulled from stock. Then came even more fun getting it into the Explorer, which necessitated DH riding home in the back seat.

By now it’s a typical Atlanta Friday afternoon — a 27-vehicle pileup blocking northbound I-75. So I carefully navigated through Buckhead, dodging more idiots on the meandering and wet surface streets. Did I mention that a nice band of thunderstorms had come through at the most inconvenient time possible? At least dinner at La Fonda (salmon tacos, yellow rice, black beans, yummy chips & salsa) made up for a lot of the aggravation. I think.