Never Mind the IKEA

Well, that was a TOTAL bust. DH started putting the corner wardrobe together. When we got the framework up and in the corner, we realized just how overwhelming the thing was. He really was uncomfortable with that huge thing LOOMING over us in the bedroom. I wasn’t too happy with it either. So he took it apart and boxed it all back up in the water-soaked boxes (luckily we hadn’t opened everything) and made The Trip From Hell down there this morning.

You’d think that first thing on a Sunday morning wouldn’t be a bad time to go down there and return stuff. WRONG. There was a huge line in Returns 20 minutes after the store opened, with only one person working in the section, plus the computer system was down. So we pulled our number and sat there and waited, and waited, and waited. After about half an hour several more employees came in to staff the area, plus they pulled a couple of design team members (who couldn’t do anything on the floor because the computers were down) downstairs to handle paperwork and such. It took almost an hour and a half, but we got the stuff returned and credited. Whew.

THEN we went back up to the ‘Bou for our Sunday morning coffee and newspaper.