I’m torched!

I’ve been quiet because, as of last Saturday night, the lampworking part of my studio is up and running!!! I spent four evenings running in there melting glass onto mandrels to my heart’s content. The last two nights I haven’t been in there, only because I haven’t gotten home until nearly 8 p.m. and have been too darn tired.

In four days, working a couple of hours each night, I made, oh, over 50 beads. None of them are perfect because I don’t have the experience yet and they are all the product of trying to learn the quirks and vagarities of the Piranha. It’s DEFINITELY a different experience from the HotHead. That’s different in a good way, BTW.

The kiln is working just great as well. Mike at Glasshive does build a fantastic product. All the little wonky beadies are annealing just fine. I haven’t tried the fusing yet, nor have I had a chance to batch-anneal the older beads, but that will come.

My WONDERFUL DH did a fantastic job of putting the workbenches and ventilation together. I’ll post pictures once I have a chance to take them (like this weekend?).