A Melty Day

Today was my intermediate class with Cristie. The other woman who had been in my beginning class and signed up for this one wasn’t able to make it, so I had a day of private instruction. Sweeeet! I got to try out a bunch of new things, and get hints and tips on what I was having trouble with, and just play and have a good ol’ time.

Cristie helped me with my twistie difficulties, coached me through some complex stringers including silvered ivory (mmmmm!) and goldstone, showed me three different encasing techniques (apparently I had figured out the idea on my own, I just needed some refinement), clarified the use of reduction frit, let me experiment a bit with enamels and fine silver wire, and explained using presses. It was well worth the investment!

I discovered that I did make the right torch purchase — I do indeed prefer my Piranha to the Minor. I really missed my Creation Station’s support for elbows and forearms, but was reminded that a torch-mounted marver is really useful. I really need to see if there is one out there that will work on a Piranha; otherwise maybe Corina’s Magic Marver will work. I am definitely a frit-a-holic and will probably become a press-a-holic very soon.

Cristie also spoke highly of Marjorie Langston when I told her of my tentative plan to spend spring break in her class at the Folk School. I always like to have a good recommendation on a teacher before committing!

This weekend, more torching in between time on the computer finishing up syllabi for fall. The former is DEFINITELY more fun than the latter.