Visiting Southern Flames

I went to my first Southern Flames meeting tonight, and even got to have dinner with some of the other members before. Judy had posted a message on Lampwork Etc. asking who was going, and when I chimed in to say I was going to try to make it and please be nice to the newbie, I got invited to join the group at Marietta Diner. The clincher was when Sara posted the link to the dessert menu. OMG!!!

(I had the Swiss Mocha cake and it was a PLATE-SIZED SLAB. I ate about six bites (maybe 1/4 of the slice) and brought the rest home for us to share tomorrow.)

This must not have been a typical meeting. It was a garage sale and show and tell after The Gathering. That meant, unfortunately, that I spent money — two or three pounds of Lauscha and Vetrofond glass from Judy, plus three jars of frit and a Corina Magic Wand from Sara. I had been considering the Magic Wand anyway and I liked the way it feels in my hand.

Even though I got home pretty early and was psyched, I didn’t turn on the torch. Instead, I continued putting my glass away in the pipes DH cut, until I ran out (of pipe pieces, unfortunately, not of glass). It needed doing, true. I’ll torch tomorrow night — I do want to try the Lauscha glass, though I’m not all that sure about working with the fat rods.