Musing on Katrina’s Aftermath

I don’t care for playing “Monday Morning Quarterback,” nor do I care for people who do so. However, after four days of monitoring the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I, like many people, am going to be asking some very tough questions of the world around me.

  1. Why is the relief effort so disorganized? The computer models have apparently been there and predicting this accurately for several years — where was the esssential preplanning?.
  2. Why does the descent into anarchy, crime, violence, looting in what is left of New Orleans surprise ANYONE? In many areas of the world disaster brings out the best in people because they are accustomed to living in a culture of true community. Not in this country, not anymore. Not with the “me first, screw everyone else” entitlement mentality so apparent in U.S. society.
  3. Why did it take so long to allow the expert relief effort teams offered by Canada, for heaven’s sake, across the border into this country? FOUR DAYS????? Give me a break!
  4. Is what is happening in New Orleans a result of that city’s unique society and culture, or is it a taste of what would happen with a similar disaster in any city in this country? Goddess forbid.

I could go on, but the whole thing is making me sick.