eBay and Katrina — a Rant

Lampworker Kim Neely, who lives a mere 70 miles north of New Orleans, posted an eBay auction on Thursday, with 100% of the proceeds to benefit the Red Cross’s Hurricane Katrina effort. Some other eBay seller ratted her out and eBay pulled her auction (they only pull listings for violations if someone brings it to their attention). She reworded it and relisted it and it’s been pulled AGAIN.

That official charity auction method (missionfish.org) isn’t exactly well-publicized. I had to dig to find out about it. Apparently it isn’t exactly easy to use, either. Plus, if it were me, I’d be pissed about having to use a “clearinghouse” that

  1. determines what non-profits are “acceptable” recipients for my donations (that’s why I refuse to participate in the Official State Employee United Way Campaign each year)
  2. skims a cut right off the top (which is not well-publicized either), even if eBay itself does donate my listing fees also if it’s a 100% charity auction.

If I want a certain percentage of proceeds to go to MY choice of non-profit, I want the WHOLE percentage to go there! I am very discriminating about where my personal contributions go.

To Kim for trying — YOU GO GIRL!!! I’ll be buying your work when I have a chance. You’re the kind of folks I support however and whenever I can.

To the loser who ratted Kim out: may you never need the charity of your fellow human beings — with your kind of karma you aren’t likely to receive it. If your identity is ever made public, you will never see a penny of my hard-earned money as a seller, and you will never be allowed to bid on any auction of mine. What a small-minded, petty, bureaucratic scumbag you are.