What in the HELL are they thinking?

I just finished reading through a group of discussions on Lampwork Etc. that have gone way beyond the pale. Tensions have been building, in a very ugly way, there and on several other lampworking fora recently; I guess the nuclear explosion was inevitable. The anger, spite, jealousy, self-righteousness, pain, smugness, and general all-around nastiness so publicly stated has been a sad thing to see…yet it’s hard not to watch, just like a “train wreck” as several people have called it.

It may be time for me to spend way more time in the studio and on my work, and way less time online. I don’t need those kinds of attitude around me.

As someone who has been on antidepressants for almost three years, and probably should have been on them long before that, I do think the remarks about medications and mental illness were just as cruel as anything I’ve ever heard. Some people just don’t realize that medication allows one to function at something approaching a normal ability, nothing more.