Minor Rant

Dear Student,

I know that you have a lot going on, and that sometimes other parts of your life keep you from attending class on a given day. However, it is imperative that, when this situation happens, you understand that you are still responsible for learning the material that we cover in class that day and for being prepared to move on to the next subject or area at the next class meeting. You should not expect me to take time out of class to explain old material just for you, just because you weren’t there the first time we covered it.

If you can’t understand the material you missed from the textbook chapter or from other students’ notes, you need to take the action item to come by to discuss this with me outside of class, during office hours, preferably BEFORE the next class.

Yes, as a student, you are important to me. You are special, just like the other twenty-odd students in your class section, just like the other hundred-plus students I have this semester, just like the thousands of students who have previously taken my classes. So I give you the same special treatment I give everyone else — high expectations for your effort and performance, and individual attention outside of class if you are willing to ask for it.