Feeling the LOOOOOOVE

Even when I have had an absolutely rotten, sucky week, when I have felt totally unloved and unappreciated for all I do by everyone outside my immediate family, there’s always a bright end to it. I go to Good Mews for my regular every-other-Friday-morning clean & feed shift. There, I can feel the loooooove from a hundred or so feline friends who appreciate all that I do for them — scoop their poop, sweep up their crumbs and litter, scrub down their shelves, do their laundry, fix their beds, and shower them with cuddles and scritches and affection. I was working in the Kitten Room today, trying to scoop with Mai Tai and Rob Roy lying on my back (when Polo wasn’t up on my shoulder), scrubbing with several of them trying to “help”, and pushing them out of the way while I vacuumed. But when I was done I went back in and sat down. Winken was in my lap purring, Rob Roy was up on my shoulder licking my face and neck, Mai Tai was cuddling, Pounce was nudging for head rubs, and several of the others were clustered around my feet.

Yep, feel the loooooove.