A Taste of Fall

Fall is finally showing the first stirrings of change. This weekend it was a bit gray and dreary, thanks to the remnants of TS Tammy, and the temperature provided some real relief from the ongoing stifling heat. Last night I had a major yen for a pecan waffle from Waffle House. By 9:30 or so it was strong enough to distract me from my torching, so I asked DH if he was interested. As we walked over to WH, it was cool enough that, in my t-shirt, I almost wished I’d worn a light jacket, and/or socks under my clogs.

Of course, it’s just as the weather starts to turn that we finally decide that replacing the water heater is an actual necessity, not to be postponed any longer. Tepid-cool showers in the summer are one thing…once the morning lows are in the high 50s and low 60s, they become rather, ah, unpleasant. I knew when I bought this place that the mechanical systems would need replacing sooner rather than later, so I have to say that the two years of extra service out of the HVAC and water heater aren’t a bad thing. I also figure that the new systems are so much more efficient than the old that eventually the utility bill savings will make up for the purchase/installation costs.