Godspeed and rest in peace, Andie

One of my favorite Good Mews cats has been Andie, who hindquarters were paralyzed from being shot with a BB gun. She loved attention and scritches, was always eager for visitors in her private room, and was always at her door when I was cleaning in side hallway.

This came from Shannon via Karen in today’s email:

I’m very sorry to inform you that Andie had to be euthanized last night. On Monday we began to suspect that she was in pain because she had bit several people which was very uncharacteristic for her. She spent a few days at the Cat Clinic of Roswell where Dr. Globerman discovered a degeneration problem with her spine. She was given an anti-inflammatory and pain medication. She returned on Wed. evening, and last evening she began to have tremors. She was taken to the ER where they told us she was in severe, chronic pain. She was not responding to the pain medication, and it hurt her to move at all. Although, it was very hard to let her go, we could not let her suffer in such chronic pain and she was euthanized.

Andie, you have been an inspiration to us all. We will miss you.