Back From the Rock

Rock Eagle: I went, I saw, I schmoozed, I learned a thing or two about security and CSS, I slept more than I should (but my bed was so cozy warm and the cabin was so bloody cold), I ate way too much junk (since it was the only edible stuff there). At least I had decent coffee thanks to my lovely child bringing me a french press and coffee for it, and me getting a bilious pea-green colored hot pot on the way there.

I headed home yesterday by way of Art Glass Emporium in Winder. Heck, it was only about 15 miles out of the way, really, since I was already so far east. In fact, it may not have even really been that far out of the way, it just meant taking a less efficient way home. Since the shoe shopping on the way out Wednesday had been a bust (no interesting Danskos 🙁 ), I was hoping for better on the way home.

So I spent my birthday money on Moretti glass, and a tungsten poker-thingie that I have been “needing.” I just haven’t been able to properly poke beads with anything else. Had a chat with Ray. In a bit I’m going in the studio and cut the rods into thirds so they can be stored away.

I also stopped at Ross (jeans) and Discover Mills. Books-a-Million had the new art magazines in; Plaid Outlet had a couple of jars of glaze in the backroom. By the time I got home it was later than I intended and I was so wiped out that I took a nap, got up and went to Waffle House with DH, came home and went back to bed. I slept for nearly twelve hours and it felt darn good.