The Sickness of Society and Culture

Gregory the OddFather posted what may be the best retort to the blame being placed on the federal government for the Hurricane Katrina fiasco:

I’m sure if Kerry was president hurricane Katrina would have drifted effortlessly out to sea and the whole world would be peachy.

Then he added:

It’s not just George Bush, it’s the whole of Congress, and local officials as well. None of them could care less about things that affect us unless it affects their cushy jobs. The U.S. won’t change just by electing some other life-long, fat-cat politician. It’s got to be from the ground up, a revolution. Not just people what-if-ing.

Recently DH was watching “The Best of the Best part 2” on video while I sat there grading papers. I didn’t focus on the whole movie, but I couldn’t help seeing bits and pieces. In many ways it was a very sickening movie, even though the Good Guys won in the end. What is really sick is that it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to find that something like “The Coliseum” actually exists somewhere secretive in this country. It’s not hard at all to see other parallels between our society and ancient Rome.