Evil and Conniving Minds Think Alike

The programming team had its last meeting before the contest this weekend. This year there is one other two-year college competing, a tech school from South Carolina, but it won’t matter — we do this just for chuckles and fun anyway.

With that in mind, on our way out to the parking lot I did mention to C that she could cause a real distraction at the Friday night pizza party, not to mention the contest itself, by wearing the halter top she’d worn to school on Monday. I must state, at this point, that C is from South America, disgustingly gorgeous, and, to use the male vernacular, “stacked,” with a strategically placed tattoo or two.

Well, both women were on that idea in a flash. The thought of causing such consternation among, say, the teams from Bob Jones U. brought a frisson of evil delight to all of us. Yes, for once I have students on the programming team with minds as conniving and twisted as my own.