This has been a painful weekend, literally. Yesterday at Good Mews, Hondo tried to take another chunk out of my hand. I was scratching his ears, and he seemed to be enjoying it. But with no warning, CHOMP right into my thumb, nice and deep. 36 hours later there doesn’t seem to be any infection, fortunately.

Then tonight I was torching. Note to self: when two beads get stuck together when you stick them in the kiln, LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE! This time I pulled them out and tried to get them apart. I did, but managed to hit one of them against the side of my index finger. Owwww, same hand that Hondo got, no less. I dumped a bit of lavender oil on it, got DH to bandage it up, and went back to torching. It’s only a burn.

Lest I forget, I also had a nasty migraine this afternoon, plus my knees were hurting badly by the time we left my sister’s house yesterday evening. More owwwwww.

This is ridiculous.