I had to go see Dr. Vevera on Thursday to get a prescription refill. It gave me a chance to alert her that, if I were a Good Mews cat, I’d be noting “A.D.R.” (Ain’t Doin’ Right) on my medical chart. I have been tired a lot lately, frequently just achy enough to notice, almost like I’m battling a low-grade flu (except no fever etc. and it’s not THAT severe), and having more and more frequent dizzy “flashes” — not long enough to call spells, maybe a couple of seconds of vertigo, but definitely something out of the ordinary. Mentally, I’m fine ::shrug:: — it just seems to be my body not cooperating.

One red flag raised as she checked me out. My BP is up, WAY up for me. For years I had a BP around 100/70, give or take a bit. In the office it was 138/102 when the nurse took it, then 145/94 when Dr. V. rechecked it. So I’m under orders to track it for the next three weeks, stopping in at Kroger or CVS every couple of days, and I go back on the 21st to see what’s up. She also is running bloodwork on me, so we’ll see if that raises any other red flags.