Not Such a Bad Idea

So maybe this challenge is not such a bad idea after all. There’s been some discussion of what and how, rules and conditions, on the Yahoo! group, and Annie the CoMod finally put things in perspective:

A project is something we do, but there is no requirement to do anything special. What we will be doing is seeing how we view our own creativity and the things that get in our way of being our full creative selves. Do we view our creativity as something outside ourselves that we do? Or do we view it as a part of ourselves — a deep part of our inner selves? How committed are we? How limited are we in how we even view creativity? Are we limiting ourselves to one media — or perhaps to one set of techniques? Do we define ourselves by our media — for instance, some of us may consider ourselves fiberartists. But are we anything more than that? Are we artists overall?

So it’s about exploring the limitations of our creativity, pushing them and molding them and bursting out of them…

I can do that.