The Creeping Crud

What a waste of a week. Sometime Sunday or Monday I came down with the creeping crud, so all I’ve been able to do for three days is crawl out of bed, steam in a hot shower to loosen up all the accumulated snotballs in my sinuses so I could painfully hack them up (yeah, gross, I know — try dealing with it instead of listening to a rant about it), go to work, croak through my classes, come home, fall in bed, get up for an hour to check email and eat soup, and crawl back in bed. Today I’m finally feeling somewhat better, but I decided going to Good Mews wasn’t a good idea; no need to pass this along to my fellow cat-lovers or to the cats.

My Tapley tongs came yesterday (wow, that was fast, I only bought them Tuesday) and I’m eager to try them out this afternoon. I’ve been wanting to do lentils and this seemed like a good way to try them out. Plus the price is right. I’ll report on the progress later.

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