The Ghost of Sara Tokars???

The legend of the Tokars house just won’t quit. I found out at dinner tonight (parents, sister & her family, uncle and aunt up from Talla) that the guy that Dad sold the Tokars house to turned around and re-listed it as soon as he found out (well after the closing) about Sara Tokars’ kidnapping from there (and her subsequent murder some distance away). Apparently the guy said that Dad should have told him about the ghost in the house. How did the guy find out? Well, gentle reader, this should tell you!

I can only say that said ghost didn’t make its presence known during the sixteen months the SarahCat and I lived there. Of course, I am a proper, albeit self-trained, Solitary Eclectic NonDenominational Pagan with a good chunk of that training in the Wiccan tradition. Thus, I DO know how to clean spaces of energetic manifestations (IOW bad vibes, or ghosts if you prefer). As I would say to Dad, hey, I know how to do it, it won’t do any harm and it could do some good. That’s why Annie and her friend Virgil and I spent some time physically AND psychically cleaning the house (at least the areas I would actually be living in) before I moved in. Some sea-salt water (mixed with orange cleaner) and sage/cedar smudge sticks go a long way.

DH, though, said that no halfway-intelligent ghost would dare go messing with me and my familiar, and that’s probably why Sarah and I never saw it. Chuckle.

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