I smell a rat…

Found when following up on an email received from work today:

VP Michelich stated that we may be considering striving toward becoming a 4-year school and that may somehow affect what we want in our promotion requirements.

HOW many times over the last ten years have I heard that GPC is not under any circumstances a candidate to become a four year school? That the last thing Atlanta needs is another four-year school (true enough)? That we fill a critical educational niche and need to consider that our mission (absolutely)?

So when did the truth change, or perhaps who has not been telling the truth? Is the plan to do something like Macon State or Dalton State, remain primarily two-year with a couple of unique four-year programs? Or is the intent to do as Kennesaw and a number of other schools did over the past 25 years, and become true four-year schools?

If the former, then I need not be too concerned. If the latter, I am deeply concerned on a personal level (disregarding the professional level) because I will eventually lose my job, tenure or no tenure. I do not, and do not plan to, have a Ph.D. in computer science, and a Ph.D. in any other field won’t do me any good.

I want to hear the talk this week. I want to hear what my boss has to say, and I feel for her having to put this fire out within our department (ALL of us will be affected by this since none of us have, nor had any need in the past for, a doctorate).

This feels like a potential betrayal.

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