Kitty Buddies

The Good Mews Kitty Buddy program is starting up again. That, of course, is the program that is the most fun — you commit to spending 30 minutes a week with your “kitty buddy,” a particular feline friend in need of special attention or human/feline socialization.

I signed up for the program and picked out my two buddies on Sunday. Of course I chose Emily, the little girl who was found dumped at the shelter door on my clean & feed shift. She was a terrified, wild little thing when she came in, and after six weeks still has a hard time trusting people. My other choice was Baltimore, one of our very shy grown ladies. She’s a gorgeous gray and white sweetheart, who loves rubs and pets IF you can get close enough to her to do so.

Today as I was doing C&F I made time for my sweethearts. I actually managed to clip Miss Emily’s front claws (which badly needed it) and got her to endure some cuddles and snuggles. I also had a bit of luck with Baltimore, since Reesee decided to help me out by lying on a cat tree perch right below Baltimore at wet food time. That let me supervise Reesee’s eating and keep the other kitties out of her face while giving Baltimore some good rubs and scratchies. Unfortunately, I then managed to really make Baltimore mad, to the point where she was having NOTHING to do with me for the rest of the day. Oh well. Part of the process is learning their limits and boundaries while I get them to trust me!