A PHP Experience Update

I finally tried to work a little bit today on the PHP mailing list for CCSC:SE. I followed the directions for editing the config.php file, inserted all the data Hunter had given me, and oops! It couldn’t find the database. This exchange of email followed:

Julia wrote:
Okay, Hunter, maybe I’m just an idiot. I just got back to this, changed the config.php file to put in the information you gave me, and get a Fatal Error saying unknown database.
I was also thinking about installing WordPress in my public_html area, but it’s not happy because there’s no wordpress database for it to find and there’s no way for me to automagically create it, apparently. Damn, this was so easy at my own web hosting service — they provide us with Fantastico which makes everything a no-brainer.
Can you help me some more ::sheepish grin::?
Hunter wrote:
I’m not sure, but I think I get the idiot title this time… 🙂 I think what happened was that I did all the prep-work for creating a DB for you, but I didn’t actually create the DB. (Oops!)
I’ve created the DB now, so things should behave a little better for you now… 🙂
I think I’m supposed to tell you to talk w/ (the web master)before installing any blogging software like WordPress. If she doesn’t have a problem with it, I’ll be happy to help you get that up and running…
Ah, the joys and wonders of dealing with academic bureaucracy — I guess I get to tell the webmaster I’ve been running WordPress on my own web site for ten months and that I am perfectly capable of administrating it myself, no I DON’T need any support to speak of from OIT. Part of the point is to learn this myself, after all.


    • DH on March 3, 2006 at 1:57 pm

    Only a techie would get anything out of this blog.

    • Julia on March 3, 2006 at 8:04 pm

    So I haven’t fully trained you yet, is that what you’re saying? 🙂

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