I should have done this long ago!

I have been feeling fat and flabby, which everyone knows is NOT a good way to feel. I can’t get into half of my pants or most of my shorts, and some of my favorite shirts are snugger than they ought to be. The hot weather is here, which makes it tough to get out and walk during most of the day.

Over at Discover Mills yesterday, the Nordic Track store was clearancing all of their equipment. I looked half-seriously at their recumbent bike, but where would we put it? And that was the SMALLEST piece of equipment they have!

So this morning before I walked over to have Anna cut my hair, I Googled East Cobb Women’s Fitness, which is right up at the corner — no more than a five minute walk and a fast careful dash across Lower Roswell Road. I have seen it time after time but figured that it was one of those teeny places with a circuit training setup a la Curves and probably an aerobics room, and little else. Nope — I way underestimated it. Their web site made it look like a real gym, albeit for women only.

After my haircut I stopped by for a tour. Sure, the circuit room was there (but it is new???), and a HUGE aerobics classroom. But there is also a cardio room with enough treadmills, recumbent bikes, ellipticals, and steppers that my tour guide said it’s almost never too full to find a machine. There’s a real weight room, with not only machines but a really good free weight selection. The locker room is decent sized and CLEAN :-O! There’s a sauna (though no whirlpool), massage therapists on staff, and a tanning bed (which I don’t need), plus childcare (which I CERTAINLY don’t need either). Your membership comes with two half-hour sessions with a personal trainer to teach you the equipment, and you can continue with a PT for extra fees. The people were FRIENDLY, not just the staff but the members (one woman paused her workout to ask if I was going to join), and the members look like normal women, not anorexic beanpoles!

I joined. It’s a really good facility, has everything I need, is RIGHT HERE, and does away with most of my excuses. I even have my first PT appointment Wednesday afternoon.

Goodbye sloth and flab, hello a better me…