A Great Day for Tricky

Tricky came to Good Mews last fall, a victim of domestic violence. A bullet to the spine left her paralyzed, but her spirit has remained indomitable through her trauma. She has become one of the favorite residents at Good Mews, loving both people and her fellow felines. Unfortunately, she has been kept in one of the special needs rooms, specially outfitted for her comfort, for her own safety since clearing quarantine. Though she could see and hear the other cats through her screen door, it wasn’t the same as being out with them. For a while, she shared her room with Coley, who was on the same diet, but that didn’t work out either.

A couple of the volunteers saw a picture of a “dog wheelchair” and thought that Tricky might be able to use something similar. After weeks of construction and fittings, Saturday was the big day. Tricky was strapped into her new cart and allowed out into the main shelter for a short time:

Tricky's first day visiting the big shelter

A closeup of Tricky in her “cart”, It looks like Katie is behind her giving her a nudge!

Tricky in her cart

I’m sorry I wasn’t there to see this — it’s so wonderful to see it happen!

(Pictures copyright © 2006 by Nancy Styron; used with permission)