Music to melt glass by

I’ve had my stereo hooked up in my studio for a couple of months, but rarely remember to turn it on before I fire up the torch. Today I remembered, and put the newest Putumayo Celtic compilation, Celtic Crossroads, in the CD player. I have a huge passion for contemporary Celtic music, and now I know it’s great music to have on when I’m making beads. A lot of it has a very hypnotic rhythm to it, which just enhances the entrancement I feel when the creation is going well. A Zen feeling with a Celtic beat, if you will!

Back to the torch — I got a box of nice new frit today from Gail Joseph, and I want to see what it does. There are at least four great frit pushers, er, suppliers out there, but Gail is probably my favorite because of both her product and her service (thanks, Gail!).