Evil in the name of religion is still evil

Currently in Turkey, when women are determined to have “dishonored” their families, we are seeing “honor suicides” instead of the previous “honor killings.” Women and girls as young as twelve are being pressured to kill themselves to save a male relative from killing them to salvage the family honor, and thus earning a potentially lengthy prison term. The women will often do so, believing they have no alternative.

Although this and many other forms of violence against women may not be limited to Muslim societies, that is where it is by far the most prevalent. Other forms of violence, such as female genital mutilation, forced marriage, the ensuing abuse of women in such marriages, forced prostitution, “dowry beatings,” and the rape and genocide routinely practiced by terroristic groups are coming more and more to light.

Yet these acts are actually condoned by many, not only within the cultures where they are mostly seen but within Western society as well! They are spoken of as mere “cultural differences,” to be tolerated as something we cannot understand from outside the culture. Not so! No culture can be considered civilized or worthy of respect if it treats any of its people as lesser beings. Nor are those who tacitly support and condone such behavior, often because they benefit from it, any less guilty of these crimes. Evil is evil, no matter in what guise it is seen.

Appalling. Horrifying. Disgusting. Cultural differences, my ass.