I love mankind…but I sure do hate people!

(Cross-posted on The Angry Mandrel lampworking board)

We had to pick up cat food and litter this afternoon, so we stopped at PetsMart. The rescue societies were out in full force — so many adorable dogs and cats, puppies and kittens…each with a story more heartwrenching than the one before. The boxer mix whose family wouldn’t give him the attention he needed; the chihuahua mix who was tied to a tree in the yard and kept breaking loose and running away; the Yorkies that had been abused by their previous owner; the teenaged mama cat and her kittens that had been abandoned — and many, many more. I started crying when we got back in the car.

In the past week at the shelter where I volunteer, we had a “door dump” abandoned because her owner could no longer care for her, a cat adopted almost four years ago returned because her owners “no longer had room for her,” and worst of all, three babies, barely three weeks old, that had been found in the wall of a house being demolished. The young woman who found them had taken them home, but her parents would have nothing to do with it — the mother very vehemently told our shelter manager that if she wouldn’t take them they would just be dumped off at the Wal-Mart up the road. So they are now in the care of one of our volunteer foster parents, one of my fellow clean & feed shift members who was supposed to be taking a break from fostering because of recent illness/death in the family. Now she has these three kittens, who must be syringe-fed every few hours.

I feel so angry and frustrated and helpless to do enough. All these animals want is food and water and shelter and someone to love, and to love them back. I would not have survived the last decade without my IrisKitty and SarahCat. It is so totally beyond my comprehension that people can be so hurtful and cruel, especially to those who look to us for care and companionship, and give so much back in return.

I am not a religious person but I pray there is a special hell for those who abuse animals and children.