Rinky’s happy ending

Rinky was adopted from Good Mews as a kitten. Nine years later, she was returned because Grandma was moving in with the family and Grandma is highly allergic to cats.

However, Rinky’s human brother, who had grown up with her, now is a law student in Miami and does not live with the rest of the family. When he found out, after the fact, that Rinky had been returned, well, he basically went ballistic. He was immediately on the phone to Shannon (our shelter manager) to tell her that this was a mistake and that HE intended to come get Rinky ASAP. He followed up the call with a faxed letter (which I read in Rinky’s folder) that was heartwarming. Rinky was immediately put on hold to await his arrival.

The following Saturday, Rinky’s “brother” arrived, cat carrier in hand, not ten minutes after we opened. He had flown up from Miami the night before and was flying back that night, WITH Rinky. Dad was with him, so evidently they had settled their differences. I was handling another adoption (Gabby, to a past volunteer who had wanted to adopt her years ago and felt finally in a position to do so), so I didn’t witness the reunion back in Intake. At one point, though, I had to go ask Karen a question, and saw Rinky’s cage door open, with Rinky lying there with her head in her “brother’s” hand and him scritching her. She’s clearly going to be well cared for and spoiled rotten down in Miami for the rest of her life, rather than being one of the crowd at Good Mews.

I love a happy story!