Where has my mojo gone?

I got back on the torch tonight, after almost a month away from it. Ugh. No mojo. I’ll be surprised if there’s one decent bead in the lot. Between a month off, trying to adjust to the new torching glasses, trying out a new type of bead, and trying out a couple of my new Christmas toys, I just couldn’t get in the groove.

The new glasses will be great once I get used to them. They are AGW-300s from Auralens, and they really cut the flare out way better than didys. They’ll be great when I start working with boro! But I ordered readers instead of regular ones, and I couldn’t focus at all until I put my contacts in (again, for the first time in ages). It was hard to find just where I had to look to see what I was doing. I also had a hard time telling what color the glass was when I went to pick up a rod — I had to lift up the glasses to be sure what I was grabbing, and in fact I am pretty sure I grabbed the wrong color at least once. Well, maybe not the wrong color, just not the specific color I intended.
I need to find that groove again pretty soon, since the Larry Scott workshop is only two weeks off! I’d rather not look like an idiot in that class, and if I’m fighting with basics I won’t get what I want out of the workshop. Time for PPP.