Educable after all

Donovan, our “security guard” cat, had been finding himself banished to the bedroom when I was torching. He kept distracting me by yowling constantly to be let out onto the patio, and even trying to sneak out the window where the propane line comes in and the extension cord for the kiln goes out (the screen is ajar to provide access for those items). Needless to say, those kinds of distractions when you are trying to control molten glass and keep from burning yourself are a very, very bad thing.

The last two times I’ve been working, though, I haven’t had to have DH shut him in the bedroom. He’s learning that if he stays away from the window, and keeps reasonably quiet, he can sit by the screened door (the fresh air intake) and at least smell all the luscious smells of the outside world. Even Donovan, certainly not the brightest cat in the world, is apparently educable!