Romance is what works for you

Flowers wilt. Candy goes right to my butt. I have plenty of teddy bears and other stuffed animals; in fact I’ve given away dozens in the past few years. Now, a mushy Valentine card, that’s good. But a really romantic gift is one that shows that the giver thought of YOU instead of all the cliches.

DH gave me 1GB of RAM for my computer for Valentine’s Day. THAT was romantic — my poor computer was choking and gasping on its lousy 512 MB, and I depend on my computer for all sorts of things. Just like the lapdesk he gave me for Christmas a year ago, which has made my paper-grading much comfier, and thus my life more pleasant.

Now THAT’S Romance, with a capital R.


    • Nancy Bond on January 19, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    That really is romantic! My hubby gave me an often-dreamed-of-but-seldom-mentioned Waterman fountain pen this Christmas, and included with it 3 Moleskine journals. I’d never been so touched by anything he’d given me before. Romantic, indeed!

  1. That’s so sweet! I’m reminded with my hubby he bought me Elizabeth Arden perfume last valentines and lovely dinner!! I’m so inlove

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