Wasting propane

With this nasty spring cold I haven’t felt up to torching once I got home from work for several days. Last night I finally did, but after looking at what came out of the kiln this morning I think it was a waste of propane. I have a pair of purple crystals that look decent except that one end of one is a little wonky, a pair of nuggets from purple seeded glass that aren’t bad, though the corners aren’t as sharp as I would like.

Then there was the try-out of some yellow ochre glass in a tube bead. I slopped some leftover stringer on it randomly. If I’d just stayed with the raku it would have been cool — my friend Dee is right, yellow ochre really does make raku POP. But the other stringers just muddied up the rest of the bead.

The little white and red heart, well, it’s lopsided.

The real disaster was the big flat tab I made with a Cirrus base, purple and gold frit, encased, light purple and silver plum threaded stringer, and silver plum ends. It really is gorgeous…

and it has a lovely thermal shock crack right down the middle. Damn.