Dominique has been one of my favorite cats at Good Mews from the time I started volunteering there. She’s a cute, friendly little cancer survivor — she had a tumor removed from the top of her head, and the vet was not sure they could get it all so she has to be carefully monitored for signs of a recurrence.

I was so happy when she was adopted last fall, though I knew I would miss her. What a nasty shock a few weeks ago to find her back in an Intake cage on a Friday morning!!! Yes, she had been returned. Why? It seems that her human wasn’t too happy about her occasional clawing of the furniture and jumping up on tables and countertops.

Excuse me??? HELLO??? She’s a CAT, fer pete’s sake!!! If you don’t give her a good scratching post of course she’s going to claw something else, and as for jumping up on top of things, well, guess what? That’s what cats do.

Dominique, I’m sorry your home didn’t work out, but those folks didn’t deserve you, and I’m glad to have you back to cuddle!

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  1. Update: Dominique was adopted on Saturday (10/13) to a nice lady who was looking for her first cat and had fallen in love with her, feistiness and all! Best wishes to you in your new forever home, even though you scratched me rather thoroughly as a farewell gift when Kathie and I were getting you ready to go!

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