Society and Culture, part II

Long overdue to be posted — it was lost in my drafts. Part I is here.

A friend shares her observations as a Westerner living in the Middle East:

“…the women of the Middle East/Arabic/Islamic cultures…all suffer the same conditions. Illiteracy, abuse, baby factories, very little freedom to study what they want and to practice those professions, no art, no culture – only to spend money to shop, and to buy the same endless things over and over (shoes, clothes, purses, makeup and jewelry, food/home decor). They place a big emphasis on eyes and makeup (everything else is supposed to be covered), but those eyes are empty. They look like animals trapped in small cages…

…A few of us went to a far-off beach to swim and just enjoy the evening last night. There were a good hundred or so Arab men all over the place, drinking (Yes, ALCOHOL!), driving irresponsibly with 4x4s and quad bikes. When my girl friends and I walked along the water’s edge for a while, they followed us and kept us in their headlights to ogle. Very uncomfortable.

I heard that the one guy’s colleague (call him “Bob”) was invited to an Arabic social evening. Bob, newly arrived from the West and being unaccustomed to such invitations, took his wife with him.

At the barbeque, there were only Arab males present (in their white robes), no Arab women. And then he had a closer look at the waitresses (Eastern women). They were dressed provocatively, and were actually being groped openly by the Arab men around them…”

We condemn the governments and cultures of other countries; they condemn our government and culture. Yet at the core they are all the same; they thrive on corruption, cronyism, self-ish-interest, manipulation, and control.